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Strange Holiday Phenomenon

31 Days of Holiday Memories!!

Day 7

Only around the Holidays do I ever get the desire to learn how to bake and cook. I don’t understand WHY, because I have no desire to learn the rest of the year.

Last year it was real strong.

I even asked for a recipe card box so I could write down all the recipes my mom had. I was also the one to encourage my parents to bake cookies with me.

Though to be fair…the cookies is mostly because we used to bake them every year when I was little…..so I guess I can understand why that’s become such a strong thing around the Holidays.

But the COOKING?!

And I hear you all saying, “Well, didn’t you help with Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners?”

Yes, but I didn’t LIKE helping with those. Unlike the cookies.

Anybut, this strange Holiday Phenomenon (doot doo di doo doo)keeps haunting me every year.