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I Have Left My Mark

Disneyland, as always, was fun…

Finally got to go to the new Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge area. Rode the Smuggler’s Run attraction, the one where you fly the Millennium Falcon. I got to be an Engineer (though secretly I wanted to be a Gunner) and I did…AMAZING!

However!! I left my mark on the attraction. About halfway through….one of my nails fell off…my favorite nail…the middle finger on my left hand.

Oh well. Still had fun.

And I preferred green milk to the blue milk. The blue milk was a little too sweet for me.

Anybut, the only other interesting thing that happened……….was I think there was a bomb threat in Galaxy’s Edge? When we first got there they’d evacuated the land and about 20 minutes later a police helicopter flew over the area…….I’m not sure, but it seemed like the thing Disney does when there’s a viable threat.

BUT!!! That’s a story for another day.


Also, if I learn more, I will let you know what actually happened…maybe.