Ganglia? I Hardly Know Ya!

Sorry about the bad title.

But I’m gonna throw a mild warning up: this may be gross. This may be oversharing. This may make you uncomfortable.

I have a ganglion cyst on my hand. I’ve had it since high school. Now when I say I’ve had it since high school what I mean is it’s come and gone since high school.

Sometimes it’s on my hand for a couple days, sometimes a couple weeks, and sometimes a whole frickin’ year.

There’s nothing to worry about. It doesn’t hurt, it isn’t cancerous (should I have led with that?), and honestly it’s fun to freak people out with it. When I move the ring finger on my right hand I make it move up and down my hand. And when I really want to freak someone out with it, I make them touch it while I do that (HINT: it feels reeeeaaaallllyy weird).

What is a ganglion cyst? Basically it’s a water balloon under your skin. I know you doctor types will say, it’s a little more than that kjalfkjhaslidcyc! But for us stupid, non-doctor people it’s a water balloon under the skin. Sure, it’s not water in there….I think, and it doesn’t just POP like a balloon, but in my mind I’ve already settled on a blue water balloon bobbing beneath my skin.


Anybut, I could go to a doctor and have them suck the liquid out with a needle. BUT 1) NO NEEDLES!!! and b) it isn’t causing me any discomfort or pain and iii) it does eventually go away on its own.

I find after many hours typing on a keyboard, writing with a pen (or pencil), or using the mouse for many hours of scrolling through the interwebs….after all of those things is usually when my cyst returns.

So don’t spend so many hours on the computer.

So DoN’t SpEnD sO mAnY hOuRs On ThE cOmPuTeR! >insert sponge bob meme here<

First of all……..rude. Second of all……fair.

But then how will any of you learn about my ganglion cyst if I didn’t spend so much time on the computer! Ha! Check and mate!

End of rant……..but here’s a boomerang of my cyst at work (it’s by the nail mark):


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