I warned you all there wasn’t a set release schedule.

Did I say it just to keep myself from having to commit? Yes. But work is coming and I’ll need some place to keep myself out of trouble. So here is a commitment:

From now until my next show has closed, I will post something EVERY DAY! (To actually put a date on this: From June 17th to August 31st)

I see you all with the doubt in your eyes!!! But know this! Because it will be daily…sometimes the posts may only be a sentence long, may be a short story from my childhood, or may only be a photo. And if I’m in a really good mood, maybe I’ll post more than once in a day (no promises, though). It’ll be interesting to see and interesting for me to keep to the schedule.

“Does this post count as the first day’s post?” Yes………No! It’s not cheating.

Does this challenge make up for the long hiatus I was on? No. But I once read somewhere that in order to make something into a habit you have to repeat it for three weeks. So here we go!

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