30 So Far

I have 30 years old for almost 6 months.

Here’s what’s happened so far:

My birthday weekend: I got the sickest I’ve been in YEARS. 104.6 degree fever, no energy, no appetite, etc.

April: Hurt my back during rehearsal for a show. It still aches if I sit wrong for too long and I know it probably will for a long time.

May (literally the day before I’m posting this [yesterday, from the day this is published, but since some people may read this later I can’t really say yesterday]): My tooth chips, bringing a recurring nightmare to life for me.

(What nightmare you may ask? A recurring nightmare where I grind my teeth until they’re nothing left but little pieces of enamel  rattling around in my mouth.)

Also in May: A rock hit a window in my house and cracked it. My car battery died and I had to call AAA to start it so I could drive it to a Bridgestone because I live too far away from a Volkswagen dealer. So not only did I have to call someone on the phone, I had to call three people. Someone to fix the window, AAA, and someone at Bridgestone to make sure they could take my car. My anxiety was overworked in May (and now I have to go to the dentist…….>deep inhale and exhale<)

Many other things happened, but I can’t remember them right now…….I’m sure more is to come, but so far…..30 has been a rough year.


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