Is it unusual…

Is it unusual that I hate promoting myself? Ir at least, the stuff I do?

I mean, occasionally I do…like on Twitter, but god if I don’t feel guilty about it. I mean I mentioned in other posts how I have a blog (this one you’re reading, in case you were thinking, “What? ANOTHER blog? Where is it?”) , 2 (COUNT EM 2!!!) YouTube channels, 2 Instagram accounts (one for me and one for my cats [which I also have 2 of, seems to be my favorite number…not really]), and a web serial I’ve been working on since…2014? Yeah, 2014.

What’s a web serial, you (didn’t) ask? It’s basically a story published online that updates chapters (depending on the author) every day, every other day, every week, every month, etc.

Anybut, point is, I don’t really care about strangers finding the things I do online, but when I imagine my friends or family stumbling on them…ooooooh, it makes me want to hide all of it.

I guess it’s because they know me better than strangers and their words (though far more constructively honest) cut just a little bit deeper and at the points where they’ll do the most damage. (At least, in my mind)

Maybe I’ll get over this….Maybe I never will…until then…time to move on from these posts hinting at all of the things I will never promote on here.

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