Late to the Game

Going back to a previous post…

What post you ask? (WARNING: Shameless plug to other post imminent) THIS POST: Always Late

Anybut, I had this stupid idea while I was lying awake in bed last night at 3 in the morning.

I should start a podcast. I could call it Late to the Game. My friends and I could talk about the new things happening and how we’re Late to the Game in joining them, using them, or whatever.

It could also be an educational podcast for others who are Late to the Game. Like my post about “Stans”. What post you may ask? (WARNING!!!: Second shameless plug to other post coming your way!) THIS POST!!!!: Stans……?

Okay, enough shameless plugs to previous posts. The bottom line is this………..I can’t call it Late to the Game. There’s already a podcast about games called that….

Ding dong dammit (I won’t link to this post, but if you’re curious try to find it yourself! Think of it as a scavenger hunt with no real payoff)

Oh well, I guess my dream of adding podcaster to my long list of things I’m branching unhealthily into.

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