Awesome Possum

I have a bone to pick…

I used to say this ALL the time in middle school through high school. I was the ONLY person I knew who said this. I never heard anyone else use it. I never saw someone use it on TV or anywhere. I WAS MADE FUN OF FOR SAYING IT ALL THE TIME!!!

Now, all of the sudden…it…is…EVERYWHERE!!!

I mean, to be honest, it’s not like it’s the most innovative, creative, or whatever saying ever thought of. It rhymes. It’s catchy. And if you’re from the midwest it may have other connotations…ok…maybe not really, but maybe!

What’s my point?

I don’t know.

I guess…just to have a smug reaction to all the people who used to make fun of me for saying it all the time. SEE!!! I thought of something people say all the time now!

NOTE: I am aware this may actually have been a popular phrase in the south and I’m just a stupid northerner who thought of something that millions of people already said….and maybe I heard it in a movie as a small child my parents were watching and I just don’t remember because I was a child watching a movie for older folks…….BUT! At least among my friends in Indiana, I was ahead of my time.

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