Let’s talk about Twilight…

HOLD ON!! DON’T LOOK AWAY!!! I really mean Twilight WITH RiffTrax.

What’s RiffTrax? Do you know about Mystery Science Theater 3000? It’s the same guys who did that but now they add commentary to modern, well-known movies, too.

(For those still too young to know MST3K, it was an old show on the SyFy Channel where a guy trapped on a space station with two little robots was forced to watch really bad B Movies. In order to get through them, the three would make comments during the movie to comedic effect. Think of it like React Videos but actually funny…shots fired.)

Anybut, my friends and I decided to watch the entire Twilight series….WITH RiffTrax (truthfully, the ONLY way to watch it). And while we were watching the first movie with the hilarious commentary, the biggest laugh was possibly when Edward Cullen walked in and one of the commenters said, “Laaaaaaaadies.” The scene was shot in slow motion and Edward slowly raised his eyes.

For some reason this was the funniest thing we’d ever seen and now we say that to each other ALL…THE…TIME.


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