Tech Week Day 2

Well, isn’t that JUST the way…

Today was our first 10 out of 12!! Such an early morning and lots to do.

There was rumblings among crew, designers, and actors that we wouldn’t make it to Act II. BUT we did and got through the first 2 musical numbers so HELL YEAH!

I mean that may have been a bit overdramatic, but sometimes we don’t even get through half a show the first 10 out of 12. I’m always suuuuuper excited when we get through the first act.

Although that wasn’t the only excitement today. It’s never a good sign with the Assistant Stage Manager actively finds you to tell you something instead of asking over the headset. But that’s what happened to me.

I was waiting to assist actors with a large prop and we were paused for spacing, lights, and rail (the people who fly flats and drops up and down on stage). The ASM crossed the stage to tell me that security said a tree branch fell onto a blue VW bug…..MY car. I’m the only one in the cast and crew who drives one so immediately everyone who heard this knew it was my car.

Unlike most people I didn’t freak out. I simply said, “of course it was my car.” The ASM suggested I check my car and move it. He covered for me while I ran to where my purse was, grabbed my car keys, and ran outside (also while I doing this, over the headset was a lot of chatter about the incident). A lot of the House Crew followed me out and (thankfully) one even made sure I took pictures in case I needed to call my insurance company.

LUCKILY, and by some miracle of karma…there was no damage. I and about five house crew members circled my car and found no damage. The branch wasn’t that big, but a huge branch was ready to fall from the tree. I moved my car to a spot under NO trees and went back to work.

The Stage Manager was still talking about the incident especially after our Crew Chief (who also followed me outside) suggested any cars near the tree should move. She decided it was a good time for a break and everyone ran out to make sure their car wasn’t one of the other three still parked under the tree.

And that was it. The first 10 out of 12….what, you thought I’d go into more detail? Now, now, you know I can’t….plus, soooooooo much happens during tech week it would take book lengths of posts to share all of them.

Anybut, tomorrow is only a half day of rehearsal, BUT we also have our first rehearsal with the orchestra which is honestly my favorite part!

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