Tech Week Day 3

Short day, but a LOT got done…

Today was a short tech rehearsal (only 6:30p-11:30p instead of 11:30a-11:30p), but things that were giving us trouble yesterday were solved. Hooray.

However, I have discovered an unusual phenomenon that is costing me props. Apparently, down stage left of the proscenium of the stage….there is a black/worm hole that is swallowing props.

First, an onion was thrown into a box seat and was never seen again. Then a recorder was thrown (though I was sitting right upstate of the proscenium and heard it land on the floor) and disappeared!

I mean I checked everywhere, even the orchestra pit. And OF COURSE they’re two props that we don’t have backups or spares for..

Anybut, my hope is that I’ll go in tomorrow for our second 10 out of 12 (11:30a-11:30p) and both props will magically be back on my table….because house crew or custodial found them.

We shall SEE!!

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