Performance #5….AND #6


The actual spelling of the statement above is 2 dow shay, but I know if I’d actually written that you would’ve heard the doh as dow…

In case you’re confused: 2 dow shay is Two Show Day…it’s a theater thing…or maybe it’s just a theater thing with the company I work for…whatever.

POINT IS!! We had 2 performances today. A matinee at 2pm and an evening show at 8pm.

Both went well…although between the matinee and evening show apparently a gremlin came in and decided to tweak some of the props. And I check them after and before every show, but SOMEHOW I missed these particular tweaks.

Anybut everything will be fine.

Matinee tomorrow and then some days off. Then next weekend is: STRIKE!!!

But first a matinee tomorrow.

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