Performance #7

Another one down…

Five more performances to go. Including a Thursday performance that starts half an hour earlier than usual. We’ll see how many people forget (or almost forget).

Then Sunday after the matinee we strike this sucker.

The final weekend is always bitter sweet. It’s sad the show is ending, especially when it’s a GOOD show, but (for me at least) it’s about that time I’m ready to move on to the next one.

But enough talk about that….I’ve got some gossip…kind of.

You see one of our crew members is unable to work the final weekend. So a new crew member shadowed him this performance. And let me tell you, the actresses were very excited. Apparently, and I heard this from one of the actors who I trust to tell me the “real tea” (if you will), all of the actresses were falling hard for the new crew member.

Now, I don’t personally see the appeal, but that’s mostly because I tend to put blinders on at work. There’s no point really. I don’t understand showmances. It’s rarely a good idea to date someone you work with (especially in theater). I know for some people they go on and have fantastic relationships and yada yada yada…but it’s just not something I personally have witnessed ending well.

Anybut, I think the main reason this new crew member is getting the once over by all the ladies…is because he wasn’t here during tech week. You see, during tech week, the high stress of trying to get the show fully on its feet tends to cause tension between actors and crew…mostly actors to crew. Crews are usually too stressed from lack of sleep and overwork to really care about holding grudges against actors…but sometimes actors tend to get a bit…testy to crew. Basically it comes down to lack of understanding each other’s tracks (what they do during the show). To be fair, sometimes crew members CAN hold grudges against actors who lean towards the more…diva side.

My point is, it’s a new face amongst the faces they’ve seen for weeks. And for some reason, when actors are doing shows they become more…flirtatious (and this is me censoring myself…mainly because horny is just an awkward word. I mean read it out loud to yourself…it’s awkward).

I guess the upside to this gossip is that next weekend will be interesting.

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