So, I just finished watching…

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance for the second time (and the original Dark Crystal movie for the 100th time…okay that one is more lifetime number).

IT’S AMAZING!! Even if you don’t even know what The Dark Crystal is WATCH IT!! The amount of talent, artistry, and puppeteering involved is mind-blowing! It’s BREATHTAKING to see more of the story finally being fleshed out beyond comics and books.

I mean there are all kinds of puppets from small creatures and insects to human-sized works of ART!! The CGI they choose to use only amplifies the puppets without taking over! They truly wanted to get the feeling of the original movie perfect and they accomplished it!

Plus, you may recognize some of the voices…including a (not) surprisingly fantastic Chamberlain performance from Simon Pegg. Oh! And Mark Hamill as the Scientist Skeksis…I mean COME ON!

It’s on Netflix (this isn’t a sponsor or anything because I’m nobody important and I’m gladly promoting this for free), the whole FIRST SEASON. Ten episodes of Dark Crystal spectacle!


Anybut, I highly enjoyed the season and can’t wait for season 2…..no really. I canNOT wait….NETFLIX!!! GIVE ME SEASON 2 ALREADY!!!!!


Also, fun fact: all of the episode titles are lines from the original film….I see you writers being clever…keep it up.

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