Zombies? Really?

I had a nightmare…

It was out of nowhere. I haven’t watched anything with zombies or talked about zombies in months.


I had a nightmare where I was the leader of a group of survivors. We were living in (randomly) the house I lived in Indiana. One of the survivors wanted to take one of our cars to find…food? Or maybe it was one of her children who ran off…I don’t really remember.

Anybut, I told her it was too dangerous and she sat on the porch step as I walked inside.

Next day, I was checking the security fence (electrified apparently?) and realized it was powered down and zombies were approaching, a  huge horde. I sounded the alarm and all the survivors ran into the house.

As I joined them, one of our cars pulls up and I angrily yell at the survivor I spoke to the day before. I tell her to close the garage door and run inside.

Inside, we start blockading the doors and windows. Everyone is taken to the basement except for a handful who go upstairs to take sniper positions.

I go to the basement and we block the door with bookcases and a chest of drawers. Everyone is told to be silent and we wait for the horde to pass.

However, as I check on the survivors, I notice one of the windows (which are covered to keep the zombies from seeing inside) has a hole in it and I see a decomposing eye peeking in.

I quickly grab a knife and stab the zombie, killing it and luckily its body keeps other from seeing inside.

Then I woke up…cause I think the zombies were  about to break in and my fear woke me before everyone stared dying.

It was the first very detailed dream I’ve had in a while. A full 3 or 4 scenes I remembered. Usually it’s a cacophony of scenes that don’t make sense together.

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