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Well Well Well

Look at this.

A post after (looks at notes) four-ish months.

What does one post after so long of radio silence entail? An update? A random fact? Another shameless self promotion?

Nah. More of a check in…I guess.

As I currently type these words, I’m watching a live feed of a Remote Operated Vehicle diving off the coast of Vancouver, Canada. (Nautilus if you were curious…actually pretty cool to watch scientists science and tell pretty cheesy jokes) Watching the tiny plankton, jellyfish, and other things I have no idea what they’re called float by the camera is oddly calming. Unless you have Thalassophobia, I guess.

Anybut, I didn’t come on here to talk about that. I came on here cause I’m hoping to start getting back into posting things. How long before I do another long break or how frequent those posts may be…unclear.

However, I have already tried to plan ahead for, at the very least, an active October (since I love the Halloween season and I can ALWAYS find things to talk about during the spooky season).

What ends up happening following that…I have no idea. But it’ll be fun to explore, discover, or just post randomness.

Okay, I kind of lied. Not so much a check-in either.

Ghost Blogger

OOOooooohhhhhhh! The ghost blogger is back…

It’s been awhile. But if you think this means I’m back to being regular (even though I haven’t been regular the entire time), YOU’RE WRONG!!!

My work starts Monday (I’m kind of an independent contractor…kind of). I have breaks between jobs, but when it starts I tend to fall off the face of the earth. Though to be fair my friends would say nothing really feels different since I don’t talk to them very often (but I’ll get into that some time in the future).

Anybut, I thought I’d stop by to say…well, there may be a hiatus until my work’s done…but there may not be. It all depends on if I have the time or energy to make posts.

I’ll try. I promise I’ll try. But this job really drains me mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Maybe that’s the next post…a brief/vague explanation of my work…maybe.

We’ll see.