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Waze vs. Maps

I have a confession…

I like both. On my phone.

I like that Waze has a planned drive where you can get an estimate of traffic for a drive and it tells you when you should leave. And you can link it to your Spotify playlists.

I like maps cause it’s easy to use. And not covered in little pictures of other drivers or of multiple reportings of incidents.

Bottom line, for those who argue over which is better? Okay. I like and hate both equally.

Map, Map, Map it Out!

I love maps…

All kinds of maps. I love road maps, world maps, those maps with all the lines geologists use…or some kind of scientist I can’t remember…point is: I LOVE MAPS!!

And some of my all time favorites are maps from books or video games. I mean it’s amazing to me how detailed they are.

And I can only imagine as a child having my mind blown after reading the Hobbit for the first time and moving on to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and seeing the map you memorized for Bilbo’s adventure just expand into this monstrous thing!

…Okay, maybe that was a little too on point or too specific, but I also happen to have the map Bilbo had on my wall sooooooo, sorry not sorry.

Anybut, if I can get a copy of a map I get it. My dream one day is to have a room (maybe even my office or writing room) with maps from all of my favorite series on the walls including real life maps.

I’m a bit of a nerd…but I LOVE MAPS!!!