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Is that Smoke?

So, yeah, it’s around 4 am and I have yet to go to sleep…not from lack of trying, I assure you.

Around 3:30 am (really a little bit before that but close enough), as I prepared to finally attempt to fall asleep, my nose was greeted with an interesting scent.


Now…I live in Southern California….you don’t really want to ever smell smoke in the middle of the night…but it isn’t an overwhelming smell…just…there.

I bounced from window to window to see if I could find the source, noticing the smell was definitely coming from outside since our house isn’t exactly airtight. I could smell it stronger when the wind blew outside and through the not airtight windows.

But I couldn’t see the source.

Though, there was a strange light across the street where there usually isn’t a light. So, that was weird. But it turned off about 5ish minutes ago.

Also, no fire trucks or any signs of first responders. Therefor, I can only conclude the smoke I’m smelling is from a fire a good distance away….and I hope it stays that way.

Of course, now I can’t sleep cause the smell is still here and my paranoia is kicking in and I think that’s it for sleeping tonight.

AND in all honesty…..it’s probably just somebody having a bonfire night or something….on a Wednesday evening/very early Thursday morning….sure. It could happen.

Strange Smell

Do your feet ever smell like popcorn?

I mean, I haven’t eaten popcorn in months nor have I stepped in any recently. After a long workday, I come home, take off my shoes, and relax only to have the odd smell of popcorn rise from my toes…

Okay, maybe a bit TMI on my smelly feet, but it only happens after really long workdays (12 hours). And YES I wash my feet, socks, and air out my shoes…

…I guess it could be worse. They could smell like fungus and then I’d have a real problem. Or does foot fungus smell like popcorn?