Semi-serious talk…

I don’t understand the concept of fandoms outcasting people who enjoy their…fandoms. And I mean like the need to outright call people fake fans if they don’t know every little detail about the topic, the creators, or whatever else.

Why can’t people just be allowed to enjoy things?

Big examples are Star Wars (currently), specific niches in fiction writing (this includes graphic novels, science fiction, philosophy, etc.), music, and so on.

I understand the need to protect something you love and something that maybe you were mocked for when you were younger or when the fandoms weren’t as popular. But attacking people because they don’t know every little detail…I mean, come on.

Am I guilty of this, too? Sometimes, yes. But other times I’m just thrilled someone has even HEARD of something I love. Do I know every little thing about things i love? No. But for some things I don’t think it should matter.

Music for example…I’ve been called a fake fan for a band I love just because I didn’t know the life story of every member…even if I’ve been a fan of the music since the first album and own every album the band has ever made…but because I don’t know where the drummer was born and where they moved to at age seven…FAKE FAN!!

Maybe music isn’t the best example, though. Mostly because…I don’t like bands. I like music. The only time the people behind the music affect my enjoyment is if they are themselves awful people (by that I mean pedophiles, murderers, bigots, etc.).

I won’t even touch Star Wars cause quite frankly, I don’t need the negativity. I grew up watching the movies with my dad. I’ve read many of the novels and played the video games…but I’m not a real fan according to some. Okay. That won’t determine my enjoyment of any of the films or aforementioned books and video games.

I can touch on (specifically) science fiction and fantasy books. I mean, I’ve been called a fake fan because I haven’t read specific series in each genre. Or at least, every single book in a series. But sure, I’m a fake fan of the ENTIRE genre of fantasy or science fiction because of that…uh-huh.

Anybut, these thoughts came up because of several recent events in the entertainment industry >cough< Star Wars >cough<. Everyone is allowed to their opinions on their fandoms. But attacking each other is immature and quite frankly embarrassing.

I just hate the feeling of elitism in fandoms. Let people enjoy the thing you love. Even if they don’t love it as much as you, it doesn’t mean they haven’t been affected in the same way.

Bottom line: Get OVER it!

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