IT Chapter Two

Just got home from seeing IT Ch 2…

I loved it. I mean, was 2 hr 50 minutes enough for me? Yes and No.

I didn’t mind the changes, loved the things they kept from the book, and the references.

Beverly kind of lost her fire from the first movie (to me), but Bill Hader as Ritchie was brilliant. Pennywise was terrifying….of course.

Though I have to confess something…I went to the bathroom (didn’t miss any scares though, timed it right) and scared myself. I was alone in the bathroom washing my hands and the toilet bubbled behind me. I honestly thought I was about to hear children’s voices coming from the sink.

Also, kudos to the writing team who threw a number of curveballs I wasn’t expecting in as someone who’s read the book and watched the original TV movie numerous times.

Anybut, I highly recommend it (pun intended) if you liked the first movie.

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