I have a lot of books…

Surprise, surprise, insert book lover joke here.

But I do have a lot of books. A lot I haven’t read but have owned for years. And yet, when i want to read something…I tend to grab the books I’ve already read.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have to worry about being let down. Maybe it’s a nervous tick of not wanting to read a highly praised book and hating it even when everyone I know loved it (for me, Gone Girl was a slog to get through and I definitely did not enjoy it).

Or maybe it’s because once I actually read all the books I currently own…there’s nothing to stop me from buying more in bulk.

Oh well, time to read Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence for the hundredth time. (If you don’t know that book and like fantasy with an antihero protagonist…check it out. Highly recommended)


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