Time Well Spent…?

When I start something…

There are 3 possible ways I’ll handle it.

Way 1: Start  but then quickly lose interest.

Way 2: Be obsessed with it for months…then lose interest only to come back to it months later and be obsessed again for months.

Way 3: Focus on nothing else until it’s completed.

Way 1 and Way 2 are the most popular of the 3-ways (heh heh) I handle things. It gives the impression I never finish anything…I do. But only if it’s interesting.

Way 3 is where I’m currently finding myself on something that is very time consuming, with no physical rewards (money, work, etc.). But I love doing it and for the 2 people who care enough to stick with me for how long I’ve been working on it…I’m very appreciative. Also I don’t want to let those 2 people down.

Anybut, this was a brief distraction from the work. Now I shall return to focusing on nothing else!

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