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Back to the Dentist

Today I’m heading back to the dentist…

It’s time for some deep cleaning. And then (if I’m not in pain) maybe a nice dinner with friends…maybe.

Am I scared? Not really. I’m nervous for the cleaning. I don’t like the sound of the metal tools on my teeth. But I’m thinking of taking a little stress ball to keep my nerves calm…if I can find my stress ball…I sort of lost it…a WHILE ago…hence my stress.

Anybut, fingers crossed everything goes well today!

Performance #12 & STRIKE!!

I know it’s today….

The end of the show! Final performance!!

And this show was ready to be over. A few more pieces fell off props, timing was off, set moves were late or almost forgotten….

She (the show, the beast, the fantasy) is done.

Strike (for me) went quick with a few hiccups, but overall it was great. Out at 6:30pm.

There was an after party in the lobby….that moved to a hotel, but I didn’t partake. I’m not one for those kinds of things. I’ll see everyone again, plus I wouldn’t really feel part of it. This show, I feel, really was more of an ensemble show and they shared moments I don’t want to interfere with.

And, again, I’ll see most of them again. I’m not going anywhere.

But now I’m on a break until September when we start rehearsals for the next show.

I’ll still be posting every day until the 31st of August….and maybe beyond that…we shall see…

Performance #10 & #11

Two show day…

Morning show went well….but the show seems to have decided it’s ready to be done. Things were breaking all over the place (not in the show-breaking way, but enough to be annoying).

The evening show went much smoother….except a sun flat caught on the scrim, but it was easily freed and didn’t stop the show.

Tomorrow is the final performance. Then we STRIKE!!

Bitter sweet, but I’ll save those feelings for tomorrow.


ALSO!! Our air conditioner went out yesterday….and of course this is a hot weekend….slap me sideways!

Performance #9

Officially into this final weekend…

There’s only 3 more shows before we strike this thing.

Today was fine. A barn flat almost landed on top of the two main characters, but luckily they were paying attention and didn’t move under it.

……And the crew were able to get it to stop before landing. There were also a couple weird small things that happened….though I can’t really remember them….

Except for a strange “ding” that happened towards the end of the show……but I think everyone decided it was somebody in the orchestra who did it…

ANYBUT! Tomorrow is another two show day (or two doh shay).

Performance #8

Our only Thursday show…

Today was a one time performance at 7:30 pm instead of the usual evening performance at 8pm.

Nobody was late, everyone remembered there was a show today, and our audience was the best Thursday numbers we’ve ever had since I’ve been working here.

I haven’t really been talking about the audience numbers on these, but they’ve been the best numbers for any of our shows…….

But that probably has to do with the fact the show is Shrek the Musical….kids love Shrek….parents love bringing their kids to see Shrek….

Anybut, the big reveal! Kind of….not really.

Tomorrow, back to 8pm performance.

Random Food Update

Spicy food…

I really love spicy food. And by spicy food I mean the kind of spicy that clears your sinuses, makes your eyes water, and gives you tongue a good time.

However, I don’t actively seek out the spiciest anythings. I have no interest trying a ghost pepper or anything that may make me regret life itself.

Anybut, this has been a random food update.


I think we need to have a discussion on workloads.

Now, perhaps I’m not the best person to discuss this, but I’ve been witness to so much lately I think it’s time to talk about it.

Many in the older generations like to say the younger generation (and I could go OFF on how annoying it is they lump ALL younger generations together when they say this, but I won’t. This is about workloads) is lazy and doesn’t understand true hard work and blah blah blah…

But here’s something they tend to not consider…just because a generation has moved out of the office doesn’t mean they’re working any less. In fact, BECAUSE they’ve moved out of the office…sorry, not sorry, workload has gone through the roof.

Why? Because jobs treated as unconventional aren’t protected. Most don’t have unions that ensure employees are given proper safety nets. And this leads to overloading workloads.

With minimal pay, or even good pay, but tweaked hours to make it as though the pay weren’t so good. OR tweaked hours to prevent benefits from having to be given out.

Why am I bringing this up? Because I’ve witnessed friends or people I’ve worked with just get swamped. And I mean, 60+ hours a week, swamped. Not to mention any other work they do like side jobs or familial responsibilities. And they are being worn and torn down.

The other thing younger generations are struggling with is the mentality of replaceability. We’re told over and over by different employers or companies that if we won’t do the job they’ll find someone who will so we get it in our mindset that we can’t bring up ANY complaints.


But there are times when it should be obvious you can’t have people work this way…but then you have to remember that’s not what they care about. Results. They always care about results, not how they get to the results.

There’s this strange inability to lay down boundaries for ourselves. And with the growing difficulty of costs of living increasing as wages stay the same, we become trapped in the mindset of “You can’t risk losing this job, you can’t afford to live without it.”

Then we get injured or sick from overworking. From over performing without added benefits or employers forcing you to just tweak the actual hours you worked. Which then leads to missed work days, which leads to added workloads to recover the lost time. Which leads to more illness and injury.

Eventually, the tipping point is reached and a blow out happens.

And unfortunately, it’s the overworked employee who is given the death blow. Fired or gently nudged towards quitting. And the employer hires a new, fresh face to start the cycle over.

Sorry for such a downer post. I’ll try something more positive next time.


Performance #7

Another one down…

Five more performances to go. Including a Thursday performance that starts half an hour earlier than usual. We’ll see how many people forget (or almost forget).

Then Sunday after the matinee we strike this sucker.

The final weekend is always bitter sweet. It’s sad the show is ending, especially when it’s a GOOD show, but (for me at least) it’s about that time I’m ready to move on to the next one.

But enough talk about that….I’ve got some gossip…kind of.

You see one of our crew members is unable to work the final weekend. So a new crew member shadowed him this performance. And let me tell you, the actresses were very excited. Apparently, and I heard this from one of the actors who I trust to tell me the “real tea” (if you will), all of the actresses were falling hard for the new crew member.

Now, I don’t personally see the appeal, but that’s mostly because I tend to put blinders on at work. There’s no point really. I don’t understand showmances. It’s rarely a good idea to date someone you work with (especially in theater). I know for some people they go on and have fantastic relationships and yada yada yada…but it’s just not something I personally have witnessed ending well.

Anybut, I think the main reason this new crew member is getting the once over by all the ladies…is because he wasn’t here during tech week. You see, during tech week, the high stress of trying to get the show fully on its feet tends to cause tension between actors and crew…mostly actors to crew. Crews are usually too stressed from lack of sleep and overwork to really care about holding grudges against actors…but sometimes actors tend to get a bit…testy to crew. Basically it comes down to lack of understanding each other’s tracks (what they do during the show). To be fair, sometimes crew members CAN hold grudges against actors who lean towards the more…diva side.

My point is, it’s a new face amongst the faces they’ve seen for weeks. And for some reason, when actors are doing shows they become more…flirtatious (and this is me censoring myself…mainly because horny is just an awkward word. I mean read it out loud to yourself…it’s awkward).

I guess the upside to this gossip is that next weekend will be interesting.

Performance #5….AND #6


The actual spelling of the statement above is 2 dow shay, but I know if I’d actually written that you would’ve heard the doh as dow…

In case you’re confused: 2 dow shay is Two Show Day…it’s a theater thing…or maybe it’s just a theater thing with the company I work for…whatever.

POINT IS!! We had 2 performances today. A matinee at 2pm and an evening show at 8pm.

Both went well…although between the matinee and evening show apparently a gremlin came in and decided to tweak some of the props. And I check them after and before every show, but SOMEHOW I missed these particular tweaks.

Anybut everything will be fine.

Matinee tomorrow and then some days off. Then next weekend is: STRIKE!!!

But first a matinee tomorrow.