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I’m Bad at This

290th post.

I’ve always been bad at keeping up with things. I’d hoped this site would be different. But once again I’ve proven that I can’t be consistent.

Does this mean I’m giving up on this blog?


I was able to post something every day for 138 days last year. Can I ever accomplish such a feat AGAIN?!


But not right now. With everything going on in the world, in my life, and just overall…I really had nothing to post.

Some people are finding this troubling time is making it easier for them to be productive/able to do things they normally wouldn’t have time for…

Honestly, good for them. I’m glad so many unique things are happening for others.

For me…this whole thing has made me realize my own fears. My fears of being successful that prevent me from striving for more or what everyone keeps telling me I deserve. My fears of failure that prevent me from even trying new and terrifying things. My fears of imposter syndrome that convince me if I never strive for more then I can’t let people down.

I’m trapped with the person I hate in this world the most. Me. Not all of me. Just the part where all the fears live.

She’s a real bitch.

I know this is a selfish post. People are sick. People are dying. People are terrorizing each other. People are struggling through all of this with no homes. No families to help them.

And here I am. Watching it happen and not knowing what to do.

Nothing will ever be the same.

Yes, I watched Tiger King

I watched it. I liked it.

It only really shocked me twice. The first time was due to footage of someone post tiger attack (not too graphic, but I mean you could pretty much see what happened).

The second time was the footage of a man who witnessed another man shoot himself in the head.

The second one was far more shocking. I actually didn’t expect it, but also DID expect it as they led up to the event.

All the twists and turns were played up a bit, but at the same time…EVERY SINGLE PERSON was shady as hell. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!

Whatever the true story (or stories) is, I did enjoy binge watching the entire series.

That’s all.

Gonna Get Real

I’m an introvert.

I spend a lot of time at home. I don’t like going out, really.

But I do go out to work. To get money so I can continue to have the introvert time…

And while the joke going around is that introverts are in heaven right now…..I’m not.

Due to the nature of my (personal situation) theater work, I have difficulty finding a “real” job to cover the time I’m not working.

There was already rumblings about next season being the make it or break it season for the theater company I work for…leaning heavily on the break it.

There is a high possibility…I won’t have a theater job to come back to…

This is a hard day. Guilt. Anxiety. They’re getting bored with the quarantine and are taking it out on me.

All I can do…is distract myself during the day…for the rest of this pandemic.

But even the distractions are starting to become…less distracting.

Anybut, I just needed to get this off my chest. Sometimes writing it out…purges it from my system. At the very least, this will free me up for a couple more days.

Stay safe everyone. Talk to those you love.

And for the love of all that is still good in this world…be smart and remember we’re all in this together. One way or another.

Hair Tracking

Since we’re not allowed outside…I haven’t had my hair done in a while.

To be fair, I get my hair done every 8 weeks. But I haven’t had it done since the 18th of December. My hair stylist had a baby and I figured…I can wait a few extra weeks.

I bought some Overtone (enough to make it until my next hair appointment) and figured, I’m good.

Then the thing which shall not be named happened and now………I have a little longer to wait. I could order more Overtone…but I thought…why not track the hair growth.

So, here we go. Now keep in mind this has already been growing since December 18th.


This is just for stupid fun. Something to do so I won’t go mad and just shave all the hair off………so HERE WE GO!

Random News, March 14th

Discussing things that happened…

Time to talk about 5 things that’ve happened and state my random opinion about them:

  1. Harvey Weinstein: The former powerhouse Hollywood producer has been sentenced to 23 years. He will of course appeal this. He will probably get less time, but 2 things to take away from this:
    A) The judge that sentenced him was male. Progress.
    B) He had the GALL to claim his company was a small business…
  2. The Bachelor: True talk: I have never watched a single episode of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. All I know is that when I saw commercials for The Bachelor finale…I literally thought they showed the same girl twice…I wish this was a joke but I had to ask someone why they only showed one girl in the commercials. I though they were showing favoritism. I was embarrassed when they told me the brunette was 2 different women. I don’t know what happened on the Finale…I just wanted to share my reaction. Although apparently a woman named Barb outshone the two girls and the bachelor (I have no idea what the people’s names are).
  3. POLITICS?!: Just the interesting fact that in the democratic primaries…Tulsi Gabbard keeps placing fifth or sixth in the polls…when she is the only other candidate running besides the two Bs (Biden & Bernie). Just thought it was interesting to share.
  4. Coronavirus: Pretty much all the shows that have live studio audiences are having to decided whether to allow audiences or not. Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and The View are the first to stop having live audiences. I’m sure more are to follow. Also, if you haven’t seen the video of Whoopi Goldberg saying hello to all the empty chairs in the studio…get on that. I’m not going to talk about what a certain man in a position of power talked about/failed to talk about/talked about incorrectly on TV. I don’t want to talk about him. I can’t talk about him without getting emotional. I will not talk about him. And if anyone comments something even hinting at violence, name calling, or politically motivated (from BOTH sides) I will be sad…but I won’t block or remove the comment. Unless it is ACTUALLY awful.
  5. Italy: Okay, this could also be placed under the previous news point, but I think it deserves its own point. Have you seen the videos of isolated Italians singing to boost morale? No? You really should. It’s tragically beautiful. It’s almost reminiscent of war time. It’s how a nation should be coming together. Not blaming each other or hoarding supplies that DON’T need to be hoarded. We’re all in this nightmare together and fighting, being selfish, being bigoted, or being in denial is not worth it. WATCH THE VIDEOS. AND IF YOU DON’T FEEL SOMETHING AFTER, YOU HAVE NO HEART!!

And that was 5 random news stories.

Anybut, thank you for joining me.

These were MY opinions on each. Your opinions may be different and that’s fine. Now on to more random things!!

Random Food Update

Went to the grocery store…

Everyone is bulk buying toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and clorox wipes.

I’m bulk buying Flaming Hot Cheetos, Cotton Candy, and Snickers Ice Cream Bars.

Who’s handling the pandemic better?

Probably not me….but I am washing my hands before palming all the food into my mouth…so…..winning?

This has been a random food update.

Random News, March 7th

Discussing things that happened…

Time to talk about 5 things that’ve happened and state my random opinion about them:

  1. All I will mention about the Coronavirus:
    A) WASH YOUR HANDS, don’t focus on face masks. Face masks are made for those who ARE sick to stop the spread.
    B) Babies, older folks, and those with weak immune systems are at the highest risk. If you are none of these and you feel sick: STAY HOME, DRINK FLUIDS, and SLEEP. You will survive. Don’t be one who spreads it further.
    C) DON’T PANIC!!! The media is not doing a good job keeping folks calm. But don’t treat this like a hurricane and stock up on items. It doesn’t matter!
  2. Onision: I’ve been avoiding talking about this…MOSTLY because I doubt a lot of people who read this blog even know about this….but here I go. YouTuber Onision is in trouble….sort of. There have been years of accusations that he is a predator. He’s had girls under 17/18 years old live in his house with his husband. He claims he did nothing sexual with them. But once they turned a legal age, the girls claim he pressured them into sexual acts. There are also accusations that Onision’s husband grooms underage girls and is the one who brings the girls into the house. I must emphasize: THESE ARE ALL ALLEGATIONS AND HAVE NOT BEEN PROVEN TRUE OR FALSE IN A COURT! However….Chris Hansen has interviewed pretty much every woman who has ever been involved with Onision….and they can’t ALL be liars…Anybut, I’m no good at providing all of the information because some channels have been following this story for years. If you want a rabbit hole to fall down, look this up on YouTube. It’s a pretty wild ride…..OH! And he apparently tried to start his own religion when he was 17 years old…weird guy.
    EDIT: Originally I said he tried to start his own CULT, but he actually tried to start his own RELIGION. I updated the info above.
  3. Alex Trebek: Some goodish news. Alex Trebek announced this week he has made it to the one year survival mark for his cancer. The one year survival rate is 18%, so this is good news. It doesn’t mean he’s clear. The two year survival rate is 7%. I hope in one year, I get to put a similar post in the news post…but it’s too early to say.
  4. Viral Video: Have any of you seen the viral video(s) by a french…YouTuber? TikToker? I’m not 100% sure which video service he was using, but apparently (and there’s still debate on whether this is fake or not) a French man filled his tub with those Orbeez things. Orbeez are these little balls that grow larger when placed in water. Anybut, this man was doing a video where he filled his bathtub with these Orbeez. When he ended his little video and tried to clean up, he pulled the plug on his tub to let the Orbeez go down the drain. First off, stupid idea. Orbeez are polymer gel balls. Don’t send them down the drain. Second off, if you have enough to fill a bathtub, DON’T SEND THEM DOWN THE DRAIN.
    And what do you think happened? Allegedly, the small balls started coming out of the man’s toilet and sink. It even ruined the plumbing of his neighbors and the entire city sewers. And apparently, police are looking for the one responsible….though if people just sent the video too tip them off, problem solved. The case is still out whether this is a real video or fake video.
  5. Rupaul’s Drag Race: FRESH NEWS!! Apparently, one of the drag queens from the new 12th season of RPDR has been disqualified as of Friday, March 6th. The drag queen in question is Sherry Pie (Joey Gugliemelli). Buzzfeed News reported on Thursday, March 5th, that Gugliemelli catfished young actors by convincing them he was a casting director. He requested audition tapes including embarrassing acts including the young actors doing or saying degrading things. One actor even claims to have agreed to pleasure himself on video. Sherry Pie has officially been disqualified and will not be included in the Grand Finale. In a Facebook post, Gugliemelli apologized for his actions writing, “I truly apologize to everyone I have hurt with my actions. I also want to say how sorry I am to my sisters of season 12 and honestly the whole network and production company.”

And that was 5 random news stories.

Anybut, thank you for joining me.

These were MY opinions on each. Your opinions may be different and that’s fine. Now on to more random things!!


I apologize for being MIA…. even more so than usual.

A very large thing has happened in my personal life that is taking all of my attention and emotional support to get through.

It’s not something that explicitly happened to ME but a very dear, close friend. And nothing is more import to me than my family and my friends.

I will still post random news on Saturday. But until this thing is calmed down… I will be even more sporadic in posting.

BUT!! I WILL still be posting. And hopefully this thing will be calmed down soon.

Cuz rehearsals for my next show start in less than 2 weeks…..and then I’m on a cruise ship/writer’s conference.

Anybut, I guess this has been a random update.