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Random Food Update


If given the choice…

To be mocked by people for getting the same food every day or risk getting food that is a bit hit or miss…Sorry, gonna take the mockery.

Especially when it’s fast food….I love fast food.

This has been a random food update.

Rehearsal Day 3

Interesting day…

Had to take on the role of go-between communicator between a puppet maker and the director and Artistic director…


It was fine, but a lot of confusion happened. A lot that could’ve been avoided, but this is theater and WE DO IT LIVE!!!

It wasn’t actually that dramatic. Everything worked out…at least on my end. Who knows how it went with everyone else, but I did my best and my (at first) apprehensiveness has become a little bit of comfort in my knowledge of the situation.

Sorry for the vagueness, but again, I want to keep my work anonymous to an extent.

Anybut, besides that, rehearsal went well. A lot got done and I’m still super excited for this show even if some of the technical people are a little on edge.

But that’s part of the appeal of theater.

Rehearsal Day 2

Day 2 Begins…

More music.

More Dancing.

And some Rat tapping sprinkled in for fun.

Saw even more people I haven’t seen in a while so that was fantastic. Even caught up with people I haven’t seen in almost four months…so, YAY!

I’m going to see how long I can keep these rehearsal posts going…don’t know how popular they’ll be, especially since I can’t really say what show I’m working on.

But I’ll drop hints throughout.

Anybut, this day was fun mostly because the actors were having fun while learning choreography even if it was a little complicated.

Rehearsal Day 1

My job has begun…

Day 1 of rehearsal was yesterday (rehearsals go until 11pm at night so any posts I make will be the following day).

Nothing super exciting happened. It was a music rehearsal. It was nice to hear the music with the cast but when most of your job is more getting up and doing things….well, I got a lot of other work done.

It’s also always great to see people I haven’t seen in a few months. Some more than others.

This rehearsal process is going to be a lot more interesting than the last show I did.

Anybut, on to day 2!!!

Map, Map, Map it Out!

I love maps…

All kinds of maps. I love road maps, world maps, those maps with all the lines geologists use…or some kind of scientist I can’t remember…point is: I LOVE MAPS!!

And some of my all time favorites are maps from books or video games. I mean it’s amazing to me how detailed they are.

And I can only imagine as a child having my mind blown after reading the Hobbit for the first time and moving on to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and seeing the map you memorized for Bilbo’s adventure just expand into this monstrous thing!

…Okay, maybe that was a little too on point or too specific, but I also happen to have the map Bilbo had on my wall sooooooo, sorry not sorry.

Anybut, if I can get a copy of a map I get it. My dream one day is to have a room (maybe even my office or writing room) with maps from all of my favorite series on the walls including real life maps.

I’m a bit of a nerd…but I LOVE MAPS!!!


This is an update on the previous post…

The spider is still MIA. I haven’t seen it in over 15 hours…but I know it’s still there!

It’s waiting for me to drop my guard and then it’s going to try again.

Anybut, next post won’t be about the awful spider hiding in my room…I hope.


This may be a bit of an overreaction….

Last night (and by last night I mean like two hours ago), I was doing my usual insomniac act. I was watching stupid videos on YouTube. I had one earphone in and the other sitting on my chest (cause I was lying in bed).

A black blur ran across the keyboard of my computer….straight at me.

I shoved my computer off me, the earphone ripping from my ear, and leaped, I mean LEAPED, out of my bed. I grabbed my phone and turned on the flashlight and there…it…was.

A spider.

A spider the size of a dime (which for a spider is pretty big), was scrambling over my covers, running from the light. I chased that little punk to the floor, grabbed a shoe and swung….

But I missed.

And it disappeared under my bed.

………..I haven’t gone to bed. I’ve been awake all night.

Where were my cats? One was downstairs eating food. The other was in the hallway watching her owner run around the room with her phone in front of her.


Instead, she grabbed her bird toy and started rolling around on the floor…..my hero.

Anybut, I still don’t know where that spider is….and I had to fight not to burn the house to the ground…or at least my bed.

THAT House Pt. 4

Okay, I’m cheating on this one…

This isn’t really a house that was ┬áin our neighborhood. I’m going to be talking about my late grandmother’s house.

I loved my grandmother. I loved visiting her in Kansas. But she was a bit of a hoarder…and by a bit I mean a lot.

Anybut, this could be a series of its own, but we’ll see.

Whenever my family would visit my grandmother’s house, I always stayed in the room across from the Cat Room (not what you’re thinking)…the Doll Room.

Now, you’re probably imagining a lot of dolls…well, triple that….no, quadruple that number and that’s what the room looked like.

To be fair, she did have a wall of built in shelves where most of the dolls sat, but there were many hanging around the room. On the bed, on the dresser, on the toy chest (which ironically was used for clothes, not more dolls), and sitting in the corners of the room (sometimes on a rocking chair).

Not only was this doll room filled with dolls, but there was a window by the bed where a single lamp post shone light in all night. A ray of lamp post light, filling the room with that lovely orangey, yellow glow….with THOUSANDS of doll eyes watching me sleep.

I loved my grandmother….but I was not a fan of the Doll Room.